Info about our sandblasting service, but not limited to!

Who we are

  We started our Mobile Sandblasting Business after spending over 10 years at a local ship yard in the blast & paint department. Bringing with us the quality and knowledge expected by the US Navy. Now wth almost 20 years in the trade, We treat our customers the way we want to be treated, with Honesty, Integrity and Quality.   

Media / Grit

  At Dyer’s Soda Blasting, we only use friendly media’s for sandblasting. Using muti types of media that have a huge range of hardness and size, we can find a blast media for your job that will accommodate your project.

Our mobile sandblasting service can come to you or we can do it in our shop.  

Soda - Crushed Glass - Garnet -

and Copper Slag 

Fire Damage

Having a Fire can real damage things!

But not all is lost, dry blasting can remove charcoal from wood and brick surfaces with out doing more damage than you need to.

getting the surface cleaned and removed for site demo & inspection can save money on areas that maybe can be saved. 

Brick & Stone

History has a tendency of repeating itself. Once what was thought to be ugly and painted over is now being uncovered to revel beautiful masonry work, sometimes Raw and site unseen, cleaning of brick or stone brings the natural historical beauty back to life.

Log Homes & Wood Products

Sanding or Grinding can be a tedious process.. sometimes it can extend a project over a course of weeks, or even months, driving the cost of the project up.


Old Barns, Log Homes and other Wood products can be cleaned faster, leaving bear wood, which is much easier to sand to a finnish profile.


We have many different types of media that can bring your equipment to a clean white metal. whether or not its rusty, just old paint, stripping the old and getting a great base for new paint is essential for adhesion. 

with our different types of media, we can achieve any type profile needed for paint.